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my first ever Callie/Arizona vid :)

Ok, it's official, I am totally in love with these two (especially Arizona) - so naturally, i had to make a vid :) hope you'll like it, cuz I am planning to make a lot more Callzona vids :)


really wonderful video! Loved it :D
thank you :) i know you are a huge Callica fan, so to hear you liked it means a lot :)
I'm still a huge Callica fan, but I'm finally seeing the chemistry between Callie and Arizona and they're cute together :D
I like it and I hope that your plans about making more Calzona videos are going to come true =]. Very nice!
don't worry, I am totally making another vid :) currently trying to decide which song to use, and waiting for new episode which would hopefully have more Calzona scenes that I could use :D
I'm glad to hear that =].
your editing is amazing! i love this video :)
thank you :D