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2 Addie/Izzie manips i've made

realized I haven't posted anything for ages, so until I make a new vid, here's little something I've been working on. Hope you'll like it and feel free to comment. And also, feel free to use it, just credit me, pls :)

just in case...
Disclaimer: don't own Kate or Katie (but sure would love to...), i'm just obsessed A/I fan who maybe has a little too much imagination and free time ;)


Seriously, totally, incredibly HOT!

Fabulous job V ;-)

(I know I commented on your P&P post, but wanted to comment on your LJ)

hey :) so glad you liked the pics - I was afraid I won't pull out the kissing pic, but it did turn up good (modest as always )...I will definitely have to try to make a more graphic scene now - hehe, Bethany Whisper pics will sure come in handy;) btw, sorry it took me so long to reply, i tend to skip my own page and just go straight to friends's posts.
I love these! Where did you find the picture of Kate in the first one? Also, what program did you use to make these?
hmm, i think it's from PP S2, when Addison was with SWAT guy... The program i use Photoshop, it's the best IMHO :)
and hey, thanks for commenting and I'm glad you liked it!

is that real? howd u do that?